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Top Ten Global Chartbusters Of November 2023 - Greedy - Tate McRae - Featured Image

The Top Ten Global Chartbusters Of November 2023 is here. So, here is the list of the top ten successful global songs at this month’s end. It is compiled from 27 Nov. to 2 Dec., 2023.

For compiling this list, we have used the details of the songs available on the (BB) – Billboard Global 200 records. So, go ahead and check out the links of the audio/videos of these ten successful songs performed by the respective musical artists and their teams. Moreover, please note that these songs come from different languages of the world, although this time they are primarily in English.

#1 Global Chartbusters


The number one global chartbuster is ‘Greedy’ Song by Tate McRae.

Greedy | Video:-

Greedy | YouTube

#2 Global Chartbusters

Lovin On Me

The number two global chartbuster is the Lovin’ On Me song by Jack Harlow.

Lovin On Me | Video:-

Lovin On Me | YouTube

#3 Global Chartbusters

All I Want For Christmas Is You

The number three global chartbuster is the All I Want For Christmas Is You song by Mariah Carey.

All I Want For Christmas Is You | Video:-

All I Want For Christmas Is You | YouTube

#4 Global Chartbusters

Cruel Summer

The number four global chartbuster is the Cruel Summer song by Taylor Swift.

Cruel Summer | Video:-

Cruel Summer | YouTube

#5 Global Chartbusters

Standing Next to You

The number five global chartbuster is the Standing Next to You song by Jungkook.

Standing Next to You | Video:-

Standing Next to You | YouTube

#6 Global Chartbusters


The number six global chartbuster is the Water song by Tyla.

Water | Video:-

Water | YouTube

#7 Global Chartbusters


The number seven global chartbuster is the Seven song by Jung Kook Featuring Latto.

Seven | Video:-

Seven | YouTube

#8 Global Chartbusters

Paint The Town Red

The number eight global chartbuster is the Paint The Town Red song by Doja Cat.

Paint The Town Red | Video:-

Paint The Town Red | YouTube

#9 Global Chartbusters

Last Christmas

The number nine global chartbuster is the Last Christmas song by Wham!

Last Christmas | Video:-

Last Christmas | YouTube

#10 Global Chartbusters

Si No Estás

The number ten global chartbuster is the Si No Estás song by Íñigo Quintero.

Si No Estás | Video:-

Si No Estás | YouTube

Hopefully, you like the Top Ten Global Chartbusters Of November 2023. You can check out the Top Ten Global Chartbusters of October 2023 too. Enjoy!

Featured Image of the ‘Greedy’ Song by Tate McRae | YouTube.

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