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‘Munjya’ is an enjoyable horror comedy film of recent times. This horror flick draws inspiration from the legendary creature of the same name, originating from the Marathi folklore of Maharashtra.

Therefore, it is a cinematic adaptation of a well-known myth in Maharashtra. The title means a young kid who has become a naughty ghost. So, in this Hindi film, a Ghost suddenly appears in a young man’s life. And then this devil complicates his life with his childlike demands. In the paragraphs below, we have shared the relevant details about ‘Munjya &/or Munja’ the Marathi folklore.

Inspired By Maharashtrian Folklore, ‘Munjya‘ Is An Entertaining Horror Comedy

Trailer: Munjya (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Munjya (2024) Movie – Maddock Films | YouTube.

Spoiler Free Review: Munjya (2024) Movie

The storyline/plotline/synopsis/summary

While returning to his ancestral village Garge (somewhere in the state of Maharashtra), Bittu (Abhay Verma) uncovers a family secret and crosses paths with a vengeful spirit known as Munjya, who is intent on finding a spouse. Now, Bittu must battle to defend himself and his beloved Bela (Sharvari Wagh) from Munjya’s clutches. Will Bittu be able to save himself and Bela from the malicious ghost Munjya?

It appears that with movies like ‘Ghostbusters-Frozen Empire (2024)‘, the comedy-horror genre is making its presence felt in Hollywood. Similarly, Munjya and a bunch of other movies are doing the same in India, too.

The inspiration – the Maharashtrian folk tales

In the state of Maharashtra, it is widely believed that Munja is a type of ghost. According to the Sanatana Dharma, children under the age of six who pass away for any reason are buried because it is thought that they are not attached to their physical bodies and lack strong desires. However, there are instances where children quickly develop desires. If these desires are unfulfilled and they do not become Munja, their soul is said to transform into a powerful Munja type after death.

When speaking of Munjya ghosts, it is popularly believed that they are the spirits of boys who died after the upanayana ceremony and before marriage. Legend has it that if a child passes away before Upanayana due to an unfulfilled desire to become Munja, they transform into a ‘Munja’ and start living in the Pimpala (Peepal) tree. It is perceived as a monstrous and childlike entity due to dying young. And it often troubles people to fulfil their desires, particularly fixating on marriage. These ghosts reside in Peepal trees, wander at night, and are typically harmless. They are also known to throw stones at offenders and sometimes cause accidents in other accounts. The devotees of Katha and Tantric Rituals affirm that Munja can enter temples and recite any mantra because of their immense power. The task of removing Munja is challenging, as there are very few specific rituals for eliminating Munja.

What did we like in this Hindi horror-comedy?

First of all, we liked that its script is rooted in folklore. Although its dialogues are corny. Anyway, it was nice to see a fresh and new lead pair, viz., Abhay Verma (Bittu) and Sharvari Wagh (Bela) in this typical Hindi masala movie. We liked their easy onscreen buddy chemistry in it. Both Mona Singh (Pammi) and Suhas Joshi (Aaji) played their supporting roles professionally. And, we enjoyed the comedy relief provided by Bittu’s best friend played by Taran Singh (Sardar/Spielberg), he performed well. Also, we can’t forget the maverick ghost catcher played by Sathyaraj (Padri Elvis Karim Prabhakar) hilariously. We think that we needed more screen time for Sathyaraj. We enjoyed watching all of them.

It seems that of late the film director Aditya Sarpotdar has decided to combine the comedy-horror genres to make fascinating films. Don’t forget to check out his 2022 Marathi movie Zombivli. Once again he has made an engrossing film. Interestingly, the open-ended ending of the film suggests that just like the ‘Stree’ movie, Maddock Films (&/or Aditya Sarpotdar) might come with the next instalment of the Munjya film. Now, when it comes to Hindi movies, it is mandatory to talk about the song and dance numbers in the film. Certainly, the music director duo, Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya have created peppy numbers aimed at youngsters. We have shared videos of two of the chartbursting songs from the film below – ‘Taras’ and ‘Tainu Khabar Nahi’ songs. So go ahead and check them out. Then, there is a playful ‘Hai Jamalo‘ song featuring the ghost.

The conclusion

It seems that the Horror-Comedy film genre is making a hit comeback in India, these days. Our only wish is that they could have made the ‘Munjya’ ghost a bit more realistic. Still, it is a good masala movie that charmed us.

Rating: Munjya (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.65/5
Munjya (2024) Movie – FM Rating.

Poster: Munjya (2024) Movie

Key Details: Munjya (2024) Movie

GenreComedy, Horror
Original languageHindi (India)
Duration2 hours 3 minutes
WritersNiren Bhatt, Yogesh Chandekar & Tushar Ajgaonkar
Movie DirectorAditya Sarpotdar
Music DirectorsSachin Sanghvi & Jigar Saraiya
CastSharvari Wagh (Bela), Abhay Verma (Bittu), Mona Singh (Pammi), Suhas Joshi (Geeta/Aaji), Sathyaraj (Padri Elvis Karim Prabhakar), Taran Singh (Sardar/Spielberg), Reema Chaudhary (Mahua), etc.
Producer & DistributorMaddock Films & Pen Studios
Munjya (2024) Movie – About.

Top 2 Songs from the Munjya (2024) Movie

#1 Taras song – Munjya
Taras (song) – Munjya (2024) Movie – Sachin-Jigar, Jasmine Sandlas – Zee Music | YouTube
#2 Tainu Khabar Nahi song – Munjya
Tainu Khabar Nahi (song) – Arijit Singh – Munjya (2024) Movie – Sachin-Jigar, Amitabh Bhattacharya – Zee Music | YouTube.

Poster & Featured Image of the Munjya (2024) Movie are credited to the Maddock Films.

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