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Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar is a thrilling Hindi crime drama set in the trans-Yamuna colonies of Delhi. Although, this fictional series is inspired by the real-life mysterious death cases that took place in Burari, Delhi.

For those who are unaware, the Burari’s death cases remained unexplained, even now. In recent months, we have seen this Jio Cinema series and even a Netflix documentary delve into this true case’s intricacies.

‘Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar’ Depicts Complicated Tales Of Mysterious Deaths

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Spoiler Free Review:- Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series

The synopsis/summary

Gadar Singh (Manav Vij), a 40-year-old Delhi Police Inspector who has fallen from grace, joins forces with Sakshi Murmu (Monica Panwar), a young Doctor and psychiatric intern, to unravel a perplexing crime scene in the industrial-cum-housing colonial area of East Delhi. The scene consists of seven bodies hanging from seven ropes, shrouded in fog and confined to a small space. The mystery commences with the demise of these individuals from the Chandel family, accompanied by their canine companion, with their residence located close to the banks of the Yamuna River: Jamuna-Paar. The occurrence of a single survivor triggers a wave of media attention and fuels rampant speculation surrounding the potential occurrence of a murder. Despite the misleading appearance, the two police investigators Gadar Singh (Manav Vij) and Satyawati Mittal (Saloni Batra) delve into the truth and uncover a hidden history of crimes that stretches back for decades.

The outsiders

‘Jamnaa Paar’, as part of the series title suggests that the setting of the story of this drama is in the residential colonies located outside of the main Delhi city area. Interestingly, the residents of ‘Jamnaa Paar’ are considered as ‘outsiders’ by the people living in the main (Central, South, West & North) Delhi regions. So, it is a story about the outsiders. In this sense, even the protagonist, deuteragonist and even the victims do not belong to the so-called mainstream society.

The protagonist Gadar Singh (Manav Vij) is a Sikh, whose honest crime-solving ways are not appreciated by his bosses in the Delhi Police. Also, the deuteragonist Doctor Sakshi Murmu (Monica Panwar) belongs to the Santhal Tribal community (like the President of India Shrimati Droupadi Murmu), therefore some of her casteist colleagues often ridicule her. Lastly, even the death victims live like hermits in an overly crowded society; and they are even shunned for their unconventional choices in their lives. Both the actors – Manav and Monica did well in portraying the layered characters, but the loose script let them down. In addition, it has good performances by most of its ensemble cast members.

What did we like and unlike in the series?

We appreciate the efforts put in by the writers and director to emphasize vital issues like discrimination based on class, caste, religion, etc. in India. Not many mainstream movies/series from India talk about these matters.

However, while highlighting these complex social issues, they have unnecessarily burdened these main characters with far too much pain, challenges and hardships in their respective lives. We do not like these aspects of the series, as they often deviate from the central theme of solving the mystery behind the tragic deaths of the Chandel family. Then, like the real-life Burari death case, we remain clueless. So, we did not like the abrupt ending of the show. And, even after chapter 1 ended, we do not know why and what happened.

Last time, we saw the actor Manav Vij in Patna Shuklla (2024) Movie and actress Monica Panwar in Mast Mein Rehne Ka (2023) Movie. And as usual they have given a credible acting performances in it too. 

The conclusion

This show raises far too many questions, but in the end, it does not answer many of those queries. And this is a frustrating experience. Still, one can watch this crime-drama show that exposes the underbelly of India. And to be honest, we did not the surprising twist at the end scene coming. Hopefully, its makers will come out with Chapter 2 and answer so many questions raised in the Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar sooner rather than later.

Rating:- Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series

FM Rating3.75/5
Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series – FM Rating.

Poster:- Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series

Key Details:- Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series

Original languageHindi (India)
SeasonOne (1) Season – 2024
EpisodesEight (8) Episodes – June 2024
WritersSoham Bhattacharyya, Fahim Irshad & Anagh Mukherjee
DirectorKanishk Varma
CastManav Vij (Gadar Singh), Monika Panwar (Sakshi Murmu), Saloni Batra (Satyawati Mittal), Pramod Chaturvedi (Jabbar), etc.
NetworkJio Cinema
About – Gaanth Chapter 1 Jamnaa Paar (2024) Series.

Spoilers Alert: Summary of 8 Episodes

Summary of 8 Episodes in Season (1) One of the series
(released on June 11, 2024)

The crime scene from hell (S1, E1)

Suspended inspector Gadar and SI Yashwant were summoned to a case in Haqiqat Nagar, East Delhi. The eerie discoveries unfold a media frenzy. Meanwhile, psychiatric intern Sakshi Murmu sees an opportunity to dive into the investigation.

Nosy neighbours, noisy neighbours (S1, E2)

At City Medical Hospital, Dr. Rohini cares for Kushagra. Sakshi breaches protocol to investigate the last Chandel victim. Journalist Sunny Jha accuses Gadar Singh of manipulation, leading to an altercation. Gadar finds crucial evidence.

Pyres and Puzzles (S1, E3)

The administration faces pressure to cremate the Chandel bodies. Footage from Gurkirat’s store sparks a manhunt for Jabbar and Hasina. Sakshi bonds with Kushagra to solve the case. A mishap with Chandel samples hints at a larger evil.

The hunt begins (S1, E4)

2 manhunts widen the suspect list. SI Yashwant tracks Jabbar and Hasina in Katihar, while Gadar Singh searches for Mohit in Delhi. Video from Pinky Chandel’s engagement strengthens the case. Sakshi discovers a bearded man’s drawing.

Confessions of a Cockroach (S1, E5)

Gadar’s team faces heat when a suspect dies. Gadar fakes evidence to protect Yashwant. Sunny finds loopholes, implicating Hasina. He exposes evidence on TV, sparking an inquiry against Gadar’s team.

Locks in the present, keys in the past (S1, E6)

Gadar, facing personal turmoil, hunts Sunny. Sakshi finds Kushagra attacked. Later, masked assailants target Sakshi and Gadar. The case shifts to CBI, led by Trilok Mishra. Kushagra’s death strains Sakshi and Gadar’s relationship.

A convenient truth (S1, E7)

As Trilok leads, new evidence surfaces. Sunny disappears, implicating Gadar. CBI quickly closes the case as mass suicides. Gadar and Sakshi unite to seek truth. Haqiqat Nagar’s fire adds chaos. Gadar seeks help from his past with Notobor.

Underground Resurrection (S1, E8)

The police decide to arrest Gadar Singh for Sunny’s death. In the meantime, Yashwant contacts Sakshi and informs her of the incident, urging her to intervene and save Gadar Singh from trouble. Will she be successful in her efforts to rescue him?

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