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The Tourist (S2/2024) series is a mysterious and suspense-filled thriller. This globe-trotting series follows the protagonist called “The Man/Eliot” who has no memories of his past life.

His story is set in Australia’s grand terrain in the first season. However, his story moved to the spectacular terrain of Ireland in the second season, where we met his family members.

Synopsis of The Tourist (S1/2022 & S2/2024) Series

Season (S1/2022) One

Elliot (Jamie Dornan) wakes up in the Aussie outback with no memory. He must use all the clues to uncover his identity before his past catches up with him. So, in this gripping drama, Elliot (Jamie Dornan) desperately searches for his identity in the glowing red heart of the Australian outback.

Season (S2/2024) Two

Elliot (Jamie Dornan) and his ally Helen (Danielle Macdonald) travel to Ireland to find answers about Elliot’s identity. But instead, they are confronted by friends and foes. As they attempt to uncover the secrets of Elliot’s past, they are soon dragged into a longstanding family feud where they face the dangerous consequences of his past actions.

Trailers of The Tourist (S1/2022 & S2/2024) Series

Season (S1/2022) One
Official Trailer – The Tourist (Season One) Show – BBC | YouTube
Season (S2/2024) Two
Official Trailer – The Tourist (Season Two) Show – BBC | YouTube

Ratings of The Tourist (S1/2022 & S2/2024) Series

ParticularsSeason (S1/2022) OneSeason (S2/2024) Two
FM rating3.75/53.50/5
FM Ratings – The Tourist show

Spoiler Free Review of The Tourist (S1/2022 & S2/2024) Series

The introduction

In this thrilling mysterious series, the protagonist Elliot (Jamie Dornan) does not remember anything from his past life. So, we (the viewers) along with Elliot go on his action-packed journey into his life. Right from the first episodes of season one to the last episode of season two, Eliot continues to put together the pieces of his history. But, even in the finale of the second season, one more layer of secrets from his past life gets revealed to us.

Season one of this show was set in Australia

In the opening scene, we meet “The Man” (Jamie Dornan) driving his car in the remote outback of Australia. Later we find out that he is an Irish man, who was probably running away from something or someone. And then, all of a sudden a big truck tracks him down, follows his car and purposefully runs him off the road.

As a result of the hit-and-run vehicular accident, “The Man” lands in hospital with a severe case of amnesia. He does not even remember anything about himself. So, he does not know his real name, who he was, what he had done or what had happened to him. He has no memories of his past life. In the hospital, he meets a young Australian police officer Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald), who tries to help him out. Meanwhile, a bunch of villains keep trying to kill him. And “The Man” has no clue, as to what and why is it happening.

What did we like in season one?

This down-under Australian continent is so sparsely populated that it is a perfect place for “The Man” (The Tourist) with a shady past to hide. The rugged landscape of Australia has been beautifully shot. This terrain adds to the mystery. Wish, we could share further details of its story, but it might spoil the suspense. However, we have shared the details of its six episodes in the spoilers alert below, in case you are interested to know more.

We liked the suspense-filled story of “The Man”, here he is as clueless as the (us) viewers. With each scene and episode, we get to learn more about him. No wonder, we liked the charming acts of both the key actors – Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald in it. Their easy chemistry makes it a captivating tale to watch. The other actors in the ensemble cast have supported them well too, especially the Shalom Brune-Franklin (Luci), the girlfriend. The subtle and not-so-subtle humour works well too in this crime drama.

Season two of this show is set in the Ireland

In the second season, the story moves from hotter Australia to cooler Ireland. The story remains the same. “The Man” is now known as “Elliot” (Jamie Dornan) and his love interest “Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) decides to find out more about Elliot’s Irish family. And both of them did not have any kind of idea as to what kind of dangers await them. And of course, the family relationships are complicated.

So, let us meet the key characters of the second season.

The Tourist (2024) Series – Stan Australia | IG

The cold and resentful welcome accorded to Eliot (and Helen) in Ireland set up the scene, perfectly. The key themes of the latest season are searching for the love and the family. So, we get to meet the love, family, friends, and enemies of the man -Eliot. In addition, we learn about the real name and the true identity of Eliot. But, everything is hunky dory. There are lots of complications in relationships and the shady historical past of the protagonist Eliot.

What did we like and dislike in the season two?

To be honest, there are quite a few goof-ups in the story of this second season. We hope that its writers will tighten up the plotlines in the third season. Once again we wish that we could share further details of its story in the second season, but it might spoil the suspense. However, we have shared the details of its six episodes in the spoilers alert below, in case you are interested to know more.

Both Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald continue to hold our interest in this mysterious drama. In this season two, the character of Ethan Krum (played by Greg Larsen) – the NED speaker takes his comical act to a hilarious level, and we liked it. At the end of season two, the burning of the “Life and Times of Eugene Cassidy” file has added another layer of mystery to Eliot’s life. And, we might see him in action in the third season too.

The conclusion

We found out that “The Man” (Jamie Dornan) was “Elliot Stanley” in the first season. Then later in this second season, we learned that “Elliot Stanley” is “Eugene Cassidy” in reality. And we are certain that there is more to his story, as the said file suggested. It seems, that in each season, its creators will keep peeling one layer of Eliot’s mysterious life. So far, we have enjoyed its two seasons and look forward to its third one.

Key Details of The Tourist (S1/2022 & S2/2024) Series

GenreAction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original language English (UK, Australia) & (a bit of Irish too in the second season)
Age-restrictionsA (18+)
SeasonsTwo (2)
EpisodesTwelve (12)
ReleasedSeason One – March 2022
Season Two – January 2024
CreatorsHarry Williams & Jack Williams
Cast (S1) Jamie Dornan (Elliot, The Man), Danielle Macdonald (Helen Chambers), Greg Larsen (Ethan Krum), Victoria Haralabidou (Lena Pascal), Shalom Brune-Franklin (Luci), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Billy), Damon Herriman (Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers), Kamil Ellis (Sergeant Rodney Lammon), etc.
Cast (S2)Jamie Dornan (Elliot, The Man), Danielle Macdonald (Helen Chambers), Greg Larsen (Ethan Krum), Victoria Haralabidou (Lena Pascal), Olwen Fouéré (Niamh Cassidy), Conor MacNeill (Detective Ruairi Slater), Mark McKenna
(Fergal McDonnell), Diarmaid Murtagh (Donal McDonnell), Nessa Matthews (Orla McDonnell), Francis Magee (Frank McDonnell), etc.
NetworkBBC, Max, Stan, etc.
About – The Tourist series

Spoilers Alert – episodes of The Tourist series and the suitcase content

First (1st) Season – a peek into its six (6) episodes from the year 2022

Im Tau von Lethes Flut (S1, E1)

This German title means “In the dew of Lethe’s flood.”

After waking up in a hospital with no memory of who he is, a man must retrace his steps in order to discover his identity.

Waiting for the Sun (S1, E2)

With a tenacious cop on their tails, the man and Luci race to find the mystery caller; Helen makes inroads in her investigation but finds herself held back.

Lasciate ogni Esperanza (S1, E3)

This Italian title means “Abandon all hope.”

With the pieces of the puzzle coming together, the truth about The Man’s identity is nearly in his grasp; answers lie with the Russian woman he has seen in his dreams.

Hüte dich vor dem Zorn des sanftmütigen Mannes (S1, E4)

This German title means “beware the wrath of the meek man.”

The Man is left reeling from the new discoveries about his past, but his progress is thrown off-course when confronted by a mysterious and very dangerous threat.

Precious Memories (S1, E5)

The Man is forced to use Helen to ensure he stays alive long enough to discover who he is; Lachlan has a renewed urgency to find his suspect.

Burrito, der Erlöser (S1, E6)

This German title means “Burrito, the saviour.”

Figures from his past converge and The Man goes on an unsettling mental journey, where he comes face to face with an old acquaintance.

Will the truth about The Man’s identity finally be revealed?

Second (2nd) Season – peek into its six (6) episodes from the year 2024

First episode (S2, E1)

Elliot travels to Ireland in search of answers about his past.

Second episode (S2, E2)

Elliot seeks help from an unlikely ally to secure his escape from the island. Meanwhile, Helen gets acquainted with some threatening figures as she continues to track Elliot down.

Third episode (S2, E3)

Elliot returns to the hotel to find Helen missing, but Ethan is on hand to help retrace her steps. Helen must balance the peril she now finds herself in, with her desire to get the answers she needs.

Fourth episode (S2, E4)

Finally, with all the pieces on the table, Elliot and Helen decide to go and meet with his family to flush out the truth. However, the McDonnells prove difficult to shake off.

Fifth episode (S2, E5)

Helen reflects on her relationship with Elliot, and whether the past is truly passed. Meanwhile, Elliot must face up to who he really is, and what that means for those he loves.

Sixth episode (S2. E6)

The McDonnells and Cassidys prepare themselves for an all-out war. Elliot and Helen must race against the clock to stop any more bloodshed.

What was the mysterious content in the suitcase in season two of The Tourist series?

About the mysterious content in the suitcase

Well, the contents of the suitcase are actually love letters between Niamh’s mother and Frank’s father. Because of their complicated family history of enmity, both of them could not be together. Therefore, they decided to keep their love affair a secret. But those love letters disclosed Niamh’s mother got pregnant by Frank’s father. As a result, both Frank and Niamh are half-siblings (brother and sister). Thus, those secret love letters put an end to the history of enmity between Frank’s and Niamh’s family. As the saying goes, all is well that ends well.

Poster of The Tourist series

Season (S1/2022) One
Poster of The Tourist (S1/2022) Series
Poster of The Tourist (S1/2022) Series
Season (S2/2023) Two
Poster of The Tourist (S2/2024) Series
Poster of The Tourist (S2/2024) Series

Featured Image and Post of The Tourist series | Pics. credit: BBC, HBO Max & Stan.

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