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The ‘Population: 11’ series depicts crime tales in a tiny town in Australia. This fictional dark comedy crime show is based on the real-life felony incidents that took place Down Under.

So, the 2024 Australian show is loosely inspired by the ‘Last Stop Larrimah: Murder Down Under’ (2023) documentary. The true crime stories in a similarly tiny town go like this.

Tucked away in the vast Australian Outback is the quaint town, inhabited by 11 unique individuals. With the sudden disappearance of one resident, the rest are thrust into the spotlight as potential suspects, exposing a deep-rooted history of conflict among them. So, what really happenned in that tiny town down under?

Trailer of the Population: 11 (2024) Series

Official Trailer – Population: 11 (2024) Show – Jungle Entertainment | YouTube

Synopsis [Official] of the Population: 11 (2024) Series

When a man goes missing from a tiny outback town, his estranged son is forced to navigate its motley crew of residents to find him.

Rating of the Population: 11 (2024) Series

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsThis comedy crime show set in a town of 11 (12) is a fascinating human drama. It is mind-boggling that even a town of such a small (11+) number holds so many secrets. The Australian humour hits non-Australian viewers like us quite differently. We enjoyed this unconventional entertaining show.
Population: 11 (2024) Show – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the Population: 11 (2024) Series

The introduction

Not so long ago, we reviewed ‘The Royal Hotel (2023) Movie’. The setting of the said was also a small mining town in Australia. Besides, that film was inspired by a documentary. Then we also reviewed a Hindi ‘Murder Mubarak (2024) Movie’. They also tried to mix the two distinct Comedy and Crime genres.

Thankfully, this Australian series managed to regale us with a unique and bizarre mix of Aussie situations. Tracing our roots in one of the nations with the highest population, we could never imagine a town with 11 people. Neither can a typical American who lands up in this tiny offbeat town. There he meets an interesting set of quintessential Aussies.

The story

Inspired by true events, this show centres around the vanishing of Hugo (Darren Gilshenan). He is a man residing in the remote outback town named Bidgeegud inhabited by merely 12 individuals. Andy Pruden (Ben Feldman), a bank teller from suburban Ohio is Hugo’s son. So, Andy becomes deeply troubled upon discovering his father’s disappearance.

Joining forces with Cassie (Perry Mooney), an outsider like himself, Andy sets out on a quest to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance. However, their investigation into the secrets of this isolated outback community exposes them to mounting peril and a web of suspicion.

So, what did we like in this show?

One of the perks of watching this show from down under is that we get to see the beautiful countryside outback. For instance, check the lovely Boab trees in the above-featured image. This series captured the stunning landscapes of the Derby and the wider Kimberley region in Western Australia. Thereby offering non-Australian viewers like us a glimpse of a hidden gem known mostly to local Australians.

The clash between clueless Yankee Andy and the diverse group of small-town locals contributed significantly to the dark comical flair. However, we are not going to reveal the details of these eccentric characters. But, we can state that perhaps each of them is running away from something in their lives. Little doubt, they all end up in a remote and decrepit tiny town like Bidgeegud.

The conclusion

Led by the actor Ben Feldman (Andy Pruden) and actress Perry Mooney (Cassie), almost all the characters have played their roles perfectly. We especially loved Katrina Milosevic, who played the dodgy character of Police sergeant Geraldine Walters. Then we also liked Emily Taheny, who portrayed Audrey, the owner of the Chinese restaurant (or a bakery?) in it. Of course, it has a bunch of fascinating characters, including a pet crocodile and a pet snake. We sat for a marathon watch of this show last weekend, and we relished it surely.

Poster of the Population: 11 (2024) Series

Key Details about the Population: 11 (2024) Series

GenreComedy, Crime Mystery
Original languageEnglish (Australian & USA)
SeasonFirst (1st) Season
EpisodesTwelve (12) Episodes
CreatorPhil Lloyd
CinematographerKieran Fowler
MusicMatt Blackman
DirectorsHelena Brooks, Trent O’Donnell & Ben Young
CastBen Feldman (Andy Pruden), Perry Mooney (Cassie), Rick Donald (Leon Croydman), Emily Taheny (Audrey), Katrina Milosevic (Sgt Geraldine Walters), Geneviève Lemon (Valerie Hogarth), Stephen Curry (Noel Pinkus), Steve Le Marquand (Trevor), Tony Briggs (Jimmy James), Pippa Grandison (Maureen), Karis Oka (Shoshanna), Fiona Choi (Charmaine Ling), Chai Hansen (Gareth), William Zappa (Cedric), etc.
Production & NetworksJungle Entertainment & Stan
Population: 11 (2024) Show – About

Spoilers Alert – Summary of its Twelve (12) Episodes

Summary [official] of its Twelve (12) Episodes

Outback UFO Tours (S1, E1) | 27 minutes

A mysterious stranger arrives in the tiny outback town of Bidgeegud, searching for a local named Hugo, only to discover he is missing and that foul play might be involved in his disappearance.

Stray Dogs (S1, E2) | 24 minutes

Newcomer Cassie begins helping Andy as he investigates Audrey, the local baker, who’s become the prime suspect in Hugo’s disappearance when they find her secretly filling her pies with a secret mystery meat.

Who’s Jeff (S1, E3) | 27 minutes

After a narrow escape from Audrey, Andy sets his sights on Hugo’s nemesis, Noel, until the shocking truth about Hugo is revealed.

Sweet ‘N’ Sour Dingo (S1, E4) | 28 minutes

As Andy and the town reel from the news about Hugo, Andy makes a shocking discovery that sets him on a collision course with Noel.

Confession (S1, E5) | 27 minutes

After Andy is lured out to the desert by Cedric, and Cassie learns the shocking truth about Jimmy, Andy is forced to come clean about his motives when he discovers Hugo’s secret hiding place.

Bunker (S1, E6) | 29 minutes

After Andy is betrayed by Cassie, he discovers Hugo’s secret bunker, only to come face to face with his killer.

Earth Room (S1, E7) | 28 minutes

Cassie goes out on a limb to rescue Andy, only for him to lead them back into danger when they accept an invitation to stay at Trevor and Maureen’s, whose sinister motives are soon revealed.

The Sea (S1, E8) | 27 minutes

While Andy battles Gareth for the money, Cassie makes an incriminating discovery at Leon’s house, only for Leon to catch her red-handed, causing her to realize that her life might be in danger.

Trivia Night (S1, E9) | 25 minutes

As Andy grapples with what he’s done, Cassie inflames the ire of the town while hosting pub trivia, accusing several of murder, but all bets are off when the truth is turned completely on its head by Hugo.

Like Father Like Son (S1, E10) | 28 minutes

Reunited with his long-lost father, Andy finally confronts Hugo about the missing money, only for them to wind up lost in the bush, while Cassie witnesses the shocking discovery of Gareth’s body.

Desert Pearls (S1, E11) | 26 minutes

Andy finally tracks down who stole the missing money, as Leon reveals his and Gareth’s true colours, and Geraldine takes extreme measures to control the situation.

The Scorpion and the Frog (S1, E12) | 27 minutes

As the town reels from more homicide, Geraldine takes Cassie and Andy hostage, before Petey P shows up, forcing Andy to fight for his and Cassie’s survival.

Poster & Featured Image of the Population: 11 (2024) Series are courtesy of Stan & Jungle Entertainment.

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